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A Master Page & A Content Page

A Master page defines the layout to be used by all pages based on the Master. It’s the overall parent that
controls your layout, specifying how big your header will be on every page, where your navigation features
will be placed, and the text to display in the footer on every page—a bit like a cookie cutter for
each page. The Master page contains some of the content available to each page on the site, so standard
copyright footer text can be defined here, along with positioning the main site logo at the top of the
page. After the standard features of the Master are defined, you then add some placeholders—named
regions on a page that define where content that varies from page to page will be positioned.

A Content page is a page based on a Master, and is where you add the content for each page on a site that 
varies from page to page. The Content page contains text, HTML, and controls within
tags. When the Content page is requested, its content is combined with a copy of the Master page, with
the specific content defined in the Content page placed within the specified placeholder on the Master
page. Then the whole package is delivered to the browser, as shown in Figure 2-1.

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