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Some Interview Question Answers (Part 002)

1. Which is one of the access modifiers in .NET?

Public, Protecte, Private, Internal

2. What does GAC stand for in .NET?

Global Assembly Cache

3. Which object contains its items in key/value pairs?

Sorted List and Hash Tables

4. Structures do not support inheritance, while Classes support it.


5. If AutoGenerateColumns property is set to True and custom column definitions are still provided, GridView will render both of them.


6. What is the property name of a GridView (or a DataGrid) that regulates the sorting?

AllowSorting = true

7. A single .NET dll can contain 1024 classes at most.


8. ADO.NET is entirely based on XML.


9. Which is one of the authentication types in .NET?

Passport Authentication

10. What is the extension of a Web User Control?


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